Control Anxiety

We can manage and dare I say control our anxiety by the way we breathe. Let’s look at practicalities first and then I’ll move to briefly explain how it works. Practice Next time you feel the weight of anxiety on your chest try this: Breathe to the count of 7-11. That is 7 counts on Read more.

Is psychotherapy effective?

Yes, psychotherapy is effective. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a psychotherapist holds this position does it? How do I motivate this though? Many research studies, around 3000 would you believe (I didn’t count them), show that psychotherapy is effective. Talking therapy is as effective as medication for most mental health problems. In fact Read more.

Systemic approach

Our wellness is dependent on the health of our micro and macro worlds. An illustration to explain systemic thinking: If a plant in my garden ails I will look for signs of disease as much as I would ask questions about its preferences for water, shelter, son and shade.  We are all members of systems Read more.

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