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Benefits of psychotherapy

  • Gain self-understanding by exploring the roots and patterns of your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.
  • Find relief from anxiety, depression, stress and other debilitating mental health concerns.
  • Reflect on your inner movements, decisions and commitments in a neutral space.
  • Establish freedom from intrusive and obsessive thoughts.
  • Create a healthy distance from traumatic events.
  • Re-focus on your aspirations as you come to terms with that which you cannot change.
  • Enjoy ‘aha-moments’ as you reach clear insights.
  • Experience the rewards of consciously tending to your growth rather than living from one crisis to the next.
  • Bring greater harmony through considered decisions.
  • Become your happiest self.

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Approach to psychotherapy

My clients expect me to work clinically, intuitively and compassionately with the best research based approaches available to us today. In the course of our meetings I will engage with a variety of theories most suited to my client’s needs. As an outsider and a listener, I use my relative objectivity to help my clients see that they are, and always have been, more than the narratives that may be limiting them.

My point of departure with regard to mental health is systemic. I take your physical, emotional and social dynamics into account – the bigger picture. Aware of the complexity of our life-giving systems I work collaboratively with you as the expert of your life, rather than intrusively. In this regard, I like to remind myself of the lady who pays the new doctor a visit and on enquiring about her ailment, he is surprised by her knowledge of the field. Wondering about the source of her expertise he cautions her not to be misled by internet sources but rather to trust a doctor’s decade of training. She responds wryly: ‘Doctor, I think your decade blinds you to my lifetime of living with this ailment.’

“My intention simply is to make your life better.”

Dr Herman Holtzhausen

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