Terms and Conditions

When engaging with and/or employing the services of Stamford Psychotherapist and/or Dr. Herman Holtzhausen, his resident colleagues and employees, you agree to the following points below. Please disagree in writing (should you wish) and ensure that you receive a written acknowledgement of receipt from us:

  1. Stamford Psychotherapist, Dr. Herman Holtzhausen, his resident colleagues and employees will endeavour to act in the best interest of their clients at all times. Yet Stamford Psychotherapist, Dr. Herman Holtzhausen, his resident colleagues and employees do not offer an emergency service. Please phone 999 or 111 for emergencies. We are also not liable for a client’s actions or omissions that may lead to injury, loss or death to the client or third party/ies, related or unrelated. The client remains responsible for his/her/their interpretation and actions preceding, during and following from engagement with this service, directly or indirectly.
  2. Stamford Psychotherapist, Dr. Herman Holtzhausen, his resident colleagues and employees can’t guarantee positive outcomes, much as we want to.
  3. All content on this website and other information and advertising material pertaining to these services remain the intellectual property of Stamford Psychotherapist and Dr. Herman Holtzhausen. All and any copying hereof without the written consent of Herman is prohibited.
  4. If, in the opinion of Dr. Herman Holtzhausen, his client runs the risk of self harm or injury to others, Herman will inform his client that he will have to consult wider if his client persists on his/her/their course.  If the client doesn’t heed the warning and stays on a course that poses a danger to his/her/their life and/or the life of others, Herman may consult with the client’s next of kin and/or general practitioner/other professional in an effort to safeguard those effected.
  5. If the law requires Dr. Herman Holtzhausen or his employees to divulge information of a client, he will appeal on the grounds of client/therapist confidentiality. If this fails he will naturally have to oblige.
  6. Dr. Herman Holtzhausen is not a registered expert witness and will regrettably also not supply character or other witness statements to his clients.
  7. If ever a client is dissatisfied with Dr Herman Holtzhausen’s services he wants to be the first to know, please. Herman firmly believes in dialogue and finding the middle ground in a dispute. Where possible he will be the least. This is certainly the most empowering course of action. If matters end up with lawyers it will take months and years to conclude, at high cost and loss of all client/practitioner confidentiality and dignity. Let’s avoid this latter de-humanising process at all costs.
  8. Dr. Herman Holtzhausen is not a medical practitioner or psychiatrist. He doesn’t prescribe mainstream or alternative medicine. He gladly refers clients to colleagues in the medical, related and complementary fields when needed.
  9. As a member of BACP, membership number 379778, Herman subscribes to BACP’s Ethics and Standards.
  10. If a client has been diagnosed with a medical or mental illness it is the client’s responsibility to take Dr. Herman Holtzhausen into his/her/their confidence. This way Herman can join his client’s team and assist his client in managing the illness or diagnosis optimally.
  11. Cancellation policy: Dr. Herman Holtzhausen understands that his clients at times may have to cancel an appointment or request a re-scheduling. He is happy to assist. Please note that it is standard practice to invoice our clients for the full session fee if the request is made within 24-hours of the session. If a session falls on a Monday, I require notice on the preceding Friday before 13:00 please.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to this practice. Please make your appointments directly with Dr. Herman Holtzhausen. You can remain anonymous during your initial enquiries if you wish.

Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.stamfordpsychotherapist.co.uk. Herman, the owner may be contacted at herman@stamfordpsychotherapist.co.uk

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


The platforms used to connect us through this site with each other will most likely track our online movements. I am thinking of search engines like Google, Safari and others; WordPress; Whatsapp; your and my e-mail servers and other hardware and software manufacturers involved in the process.

Dr. Herman Holtzhausen and his employees only collect and retain your contact and other details for the purposes of appointments and the therapeutic services you pay for. We do not sell your information on as your privacy is one of the cornerstones of this practice.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

As mentioned in the T’s & C’s, Dr. Herman Holtzhausen may have to disclose certain information to the authorities with your knowledge when a crime is suspected to have happened, is happening or are due to occur.