Welcome to the Blog page of Stamford Psychotherapist Dr Herman Holtzhausen. I write about anxiety, couples counselling, depression and ASD. Please also see my articles on psychotherapy.

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Depression Test

Feel free to contact me for a depression test. We can do it online or in my rooms in Stamford. We’ll contract for the one session only with the option of further sessions. Taking a test to determine how low your mood is, and whether you are depressed is a wise mental health decision. The Read more.

Anxiety – how to slow it down

Slowing the nervous system down is an effective treatment for anxiety. Haven’t we all tried to reason with an anxiety just to find that it bounces back? We seem unable to suppress anxious thoughts. I want to suggest that our energy is spent more effectively in delaying our response to the fear impulse. The science Read more.

Coronavirus, home confinement and grief

Good day to you beloved fellow home confined Britons This morning we woke to the new reality of home confinement. This initial 21 day period may just be the start. In fact, there is an understanding that it takes 21 days to embed a new habit… I felt both frozen and anxious. Remember the discomfort Read more.

Couples counselling

Sometimes a shift occurs in the consultation room when a couple moves from couples counselling to separation counselling. Brian Appleby writes that ‘separation counselling takes place when one person, or both, recognises, albeit in many circumstances reluctantly and sadly, that reconciliation is no longer viable’. I find that this movement often surfaces as an ebbing Read more.

I’m stuck. I move on. Am I growing?

Could it be that time stands still and we are the ones moving on? Does ‘we’ include plants and animals? Brick and mortar? Technology? The universe? We get stuck, we retreat, we try again; we repeat; we try differently; hopefully we move on. We grow? Are we in a loop where it seems like growth Read more.

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